Building Positive Peace

Positive Peace is a framework created by the Institute for Economics and Peace, and assesses the peacefulness of nations based upon 8 "Pillars": Well-functioning Government, Equitable Distribution of Resources, Free Flow of Information, Good Relations with Neighbors, High Levels of Human Capital, Acceptance of the Rights of Others, Low Levels of Corruption, and Sound Business Environment. We know that the "higher" ranking a country has, the more peaceful a country is.


To achieve world peace, make peace with yourself. From there you will make peace within your family, followed by peace in your village, then your community. Next will be peace in the nation, eventually there will be peace in the world.


The Inner Economy model provides a framework and tools that enable a community to improve each of these pillars by enabling individuals to understand their impact on their environment and shift that impact so that they can consciously move toward a more peaceful society. IIE currently works at the local level—with cities and municipalities and/or the communities within them—to build an environment of positive peace. Learn more about our work with cities here.