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Positive Peace modeling is one of the most misunderstood methods of optimizing diplomatic relations between leaders and their citizens,  interrelating governments, and even individuals. 

IIE seeks to remove bias against positive peace methodology, prove it's viability through scholarly literature and real-time implementation.

Workshops and Training

Based on the inner economy model, we provide tools and trainings at the local, national, and international level to organizations and communities who are addressing systemic, multi-stakeholder challenges and are focused on overcoming conflict, building peace, economic, and political stability.

Thought Leadership and Training

We are excited to share the wisdom of inner economy.  Through conversation, discussion, policy analysis and recommendations, and educational courses, we are helping organizations and communities maximize positive impact for creating a healthy and thriving environment and culture.

Community and Organizational Service

Through the lens of the Inner Economy Model, we are helping to transform individuals, organizations, and communities by providing clear,  mindfulness-based vision, skills and services to create frameworks and polices rooted in care.