Based on the Inner Economy Model, we provide in-person, on-site, and virtual trainings. These support personal, professional, and community development and growth at the local, national, and international level to organizations and communities who are addressing systemic, multi-stakeholder challenges and are focused on building good leadership and governance, overcoming conflict, and building peace, economic, and political stability.



International Peace and Security Sector  ||  Policy Makers  || Government Leaders


What can you expect?

  • Review and apply of the 3 Stages and 7 Intelligences of the Inner Economy model as well as its role and power in your daily life, and that of your organization, team, community;

  • Recognize untapped valuable resources and equitable skills and methods for overall health and wellbeing of your community, organization, corporation, institution, committee, and self;

  • Develop High Value Human Capitol by understanding the whole system of the relationship between an individual and their community;

  • Identify and nurture within yourself and your collective team, patterns and behaviors utilizing the “7 Intelligences” to achieve and sustain goals and vision;  

  • Create an Inner Economy Infrastructure for the benefit of personal, organizational, corporate, and institutional growth and well-being.

On Site Workshops and Services

This service includes a thorough assessment of your specific goals so that we can customize an agenda and meet your desired results. Additional services may include a follow up assessment and an impact report.

Policy Makers, Government, Peace and Security

We provide customized trainings in local and host countries on skills and practices, including corporate citizenship, leadership development, innovation and cross-cultural understanding within the context of building a healthy inner economy.

Working Together is…

Interactive and Engaging

We believe our clients have all their own answers, and we know how develop and support new understandings, give them more skills, more tools, and some powerful new information that results in extreme inner wealth. When we understand our own inner economy, we can effectively transform our life, business, community and society.

Thought provoking information and exercises to challenge current belief systems

Included in each workshop, we embrace and challenge societal norms that perpetuate a system that keeps us marginalized from thriving and our society from evolving.

Thorough and practical application

We dive deep into our personal and societal dynamics in order to understand our role in the world we create. Together, we explore actual processes and methodology customized for your specific application.