Inner Economy Workshops

Through the lens of the Inner Economy Model, we are helping to transform your work environment and organizational culture through workshops and off-sites that create frameworks and polices rooted in measurable impact. 

Works Place Assessment

  • Works place assessments to identify unmet needs and opportunities.

  • Assessment capabilities for implementation of inner economy into the client’s community .

  • On-site strategic assessment.

  • Mediation of multi-stakeholder challenges while building and strengthening Inner Economy.

  • Department needs assessment and evaluation of factors/indicators impacting social capital, investment, and growth.

Strategy/Advisory Services

  • Facilitating problem-solving to leverage diverse voices and perspectives and develop innovative approaches to complex challenges.
  • Creation of detailed problem-solving strategies tailored to local communities and conditions​.

  • Advisory services on leadership transitions, professional development, staff motivation, board governance and organizational change.

  • Development of strategic relationships among investors, executives, managers,  and staff to enhance a culture based on a thriving inner economy.