Healthy and Compassionate Cities

Healthy and Compassionate Cities support individuals in cultivating healthy inner economies.

The healthier an individual's inner economy, the healthier the well-being of the collective.

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Cities, and the communities within them, face many challenges that prevent them from moving forward in a peaceful way. They are unable to thrive as a result of the various -isms: racism, sexism, ageism, classism, ableism, etc.

By working with the Inner Economy model, communities (be they municipal or institutional) acquire the tools to establish a more egalitarian framework. In this process, we address systemic thinking, help individuals uncover and address hidden biases free of shame or guilt, and move on to creating a space of care, compassion, and  wholeness so that the group can move forward to address pressing challenges such as economic growth, education, building a sustainable environmental policy in the face of climate change, conflict mitigation and  peace making.

At the institutional level, we work with organizations, and departments that are working within budget constraints where staff are challenged to stay on top of things—i.e. they have more more than they can handle and feel overwhelmed, and, establish a path forward to get work done efficiently and in a manner that supports team work and collaboration.